Elisa Miller

Education: AA Degree in Interior Design from Lowthian (Art Institutes International of Minnesota) with Merit Scholarship, Computer Graphics at School of Communication Arts, General Studies at Minneapolis Community College, Scholarship from Des Moines Art Center, TAG programs.

Computers: PC and Mac literate - PC software and hardware proficient, troubleshooting, documents, images, DOS, Windows, Word, Works, AutoCAD R14, MicroStation 95, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Acrobat, QuarkXPress, POS programs, HTML, Macromedia, web design, web research.

Proficiencies: excellent customer service, telephone skills, typing/data entry/content editing, delivery driving, cash accuracy, high-end and retail sales, childcare, filing, inventory control, organization, problem solving.

Management Experience: Manager of Bergen Putman Art Gallery for one year, Art Director at Non-profit Project Foundation for one year, Lab Supervisor for two years with Black's Photography USA, Shift Coordinator for one year with Modern Resort Marketing, Volunteer Coordinator at Westly Woods for two summers, Volunteer Teachers Aid for one year at Van Meter, and Block Leader with Neighborhood Watch.

Design Work: Freelance-specifications, spatial planning, product selection, installation, documentation, customer and contractor relations. Interior and exterior house painting, carpentry assistant, and overall maintenance consulting and renovation. Wholesale showroom sales and maintenance. Working knowledge and vocabulary in electrical, plumbing, roofing, landscaping, remodeling and building construction. Experienced in trade conventions, exhibits, merchandising display, event planning, marketing and public relations. Volunteer with Recycle for the Arts.

Art Tools & Techniques: architectural drafting (blueprints), perspective rendering, watercolor pencils and paints, oil and soft pastels, color pencils and markers, life drawing, printing-paste up and lay out to bindery, photography, computer graphics, color theory, textiles and sewing, antiques and architectural history knowledge.

Personal: extensive U.S. travel, intuition and communication based personality, attention to detail, high learning curve, standard of honesty.