Design Concept


The basic concept will be to employ reuse methods and recycled products throughout a renovation construction project. Idealistically founding a system that stretches the meaning of 'environmentally friendly', to include 'economically continuous by nature'. Funding will be provided through time, money and material donation, sponsorship, grants and loans. The renovation process is estimated to take less than two years.

From the beginning, this project will introduce fundamental skills and concept training through workshops, internships and professional involvement. Areas to be included are landscaping, plumbing, energy alternatives and conservation, HVAC, carpentry, research, waste management, resourcing, space planning, historic preservation, lighting, installation coordination, computer implementations and advertising. Upon completion, the functions will be multi-fold. There will be an on site tenant manager/curator. The majority of units will be available as affordable residential living areas with features such as recycling and composting ease and an informal cooperative community. The other units and main common area will be open to the public as a tourable museum showcasing the products and procedures used in the unique renovation with a focus on daily living environments. The main area will also be available through reservation and rental as a venue for gatherings, community meetings, art showings, private parties, etc. Re-Co will be prominent in the community as an educational partner providing an accessible resource for schools, trade professionals and the public. Ultimately profits will be available as grant opportunities for projects within the scope of Re-Co; design complimenting function through the principles, products, and methods of recycle, reuse, resource, reeducate, research, recommit to the earth, the community and the individual.