Body Chains
Body Chains is jewelry that attaches to body piercings. Inspiration for this jewelry stems from having piercings in private places that one wants to show off publicly and privately, board with what is regularly available in stores. Each Body Chain is created out of the desire to have an optional accessory that enhances both visually and sensitivity, with the durability to encourage everyday wear and functionality for sensual play. Designed for the unisexes with personal style, fun, and a touch of class in mind. Body Chains are hand made as an art piece and come with lifetime repair and adjustments.

 Necklace to Nipples  

 Nipple Pendants  

 Necklace to Nipples to Belly  

 Nipple to Nipple

Nipple to Nipple around the Neck  

Belly to Labia    Nipple to Eyebrow

One piercing or one piercing to another, let me know and the finished result will be something to behold.